Probably you are between 18 and 35. And presumably you are alone, or unhappy. But that does not have to be. This is what Tinder and other apps want you to know. Here are some tips for a good start.




First of all, bad news. All those who have wiped you out now, because of your bad profile, are also gone forever. But no fear!

The good news: When you do everything right, Tinder takes you the most difficult step, the approach and approach to a person. So you have a huge advantage to your friends in the bar or club. The women are introduced to you and the girls. Great right?


Here there are now 2 ways. First, I explain the short but rare step:

An extra Facebook profile for Tinder. Since you need it but caution because you need min. 50 Facebook friends so that Tinder gives you up. Then you can naturally cheat on everything age, name and gender. To get the friends there are Add Me groups but everyone has to decide for themselves. No Matches On Tinder No Worries Get Instant Tinder Matches

The normal way , you already have a Tinder profile and this is what we get now, or you realize that you have done it right there:

So now it is sobered again, we have learned that everything that is gone is also gone. Say all those who have wiped you out of the bad profile are lost but not forever. You can delete your account in the settings and start again from the beginning. (Secure only before, if you have a match, number and messages)

So you deleted your account and reopened or says I remain true to my decisions but still want to improve my profile? Let’s go:


Half a second (o, 5 sec) it takes until most of you wipe you away. But even if you have survived this time of terror, the one or the other looks at your profile more closely. So your photo is the STOP sign so you have a chance at all.

2 Rules Forever, # 1 Look good! # 2 Do not look bad!

Photos should have a natural effect so make it best in daylight outside, it must not under any circumstances create the impression there had been with Photoshop or an app, because no one does such a thing … Clearly so far? So if you have to trick then so that it does not notice.

Photos are not created at the PC later. The more natural the better and easier for you!

The photo should be open and loose:


Locker, funny, open


Neutral, open, sympathetic









Must Check:

Good Tinder Openers for Instant Impression

What does not work:


Bad hair, unfavorable glasses


Aggressive pose, too much Photoshop











Open body language signals that you have nothing to hide and smile is contagious. Aggressive or ugly photos frighten off.

And if a girl has strayed here, show the butt and chest! But you certainly know that already;). (Write me your number)

You can also take pictures with friends but pay attention to the following.

It should not look like a couple photo. The people of your gender should always look worse than you and make somehow clear who you are. Is not shimmer than a photo with 10 people. You’re supposed to be dating you, not your circle of friends, right?

3.Profile text

Most of them are not interested in the fact that they can be left out of their way …

But if it is read, it must be good, no text is not a solution even people who do not read it simply wipe you away because your profile without text is incomplete.

So here are the tips on the text:

A few words suffice, for example: “Düsseldorf, horse scientist, Nutella”

Write something funny, “here your advertising could stand” “I like beer and you? ”

It’s about being nice but you can also place your strengths there and introduce yourself: “188cm, humorous, uncomplicated”

No long texts (except as a woman, there one has more free space) briefly crisp and finished.

4.First contact


6. Now in real

-Is being worked on

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